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Sue Krehbiel

 Sculptor & Artist Sue Krehbiel

Sculptor and artist Sue Krehbiel grew up Sue Gilliland on a central Ohio grain and livestock farm. The youngest of 5 children, her summers were filled with farm chores and 4-H livestock projects for the county fair. While visiting an older brother during his employment with a custom harvesting crew, she fell in love with the western flavored lifestyle here in Kansas. In 1983 she moved to Inman KS and shortly thereafter married auctioneer Kevin Krehbiel. Today she resides on the couple’s rural Inman farm with daughters Sarah and Katie, where the family raises Belgian draft horses and cattle, and operates a cattle feed dealership as well as Kevin’s auction and realty business.

Sue’s love of the simple cowboy life and of rodeo greatly influences her style of cowboy art. Many hours spent working cattle and checking fences from horseback and helping with their teams of Belgians are reflected in her sculptures and drawings.

Sue has studied under noted sculptor Mehl Lawson, and under celebrated pencil artist Carrie Ballantyne. Numerous art and sculpting classes at Hutchinson Junior College have helped hone her unique western style of sculpture and graphite drawings. Her favorite subjects are children in cowboy and western settings, livestock, especially draft horses and mules, and the simplistic cowboy life in general.

Sue can be contacted by email at trikauct@lrmutual.com
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